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The travelers to Sri Lanka for visiting purposes must consider an ETA visa, except they are unrestricted to visit the country. All of the visitors should have a legal passport, which is valid for up to 6 months. The citizens of Germany, Sweden, Norway, the Netherland, and Denmark can apply an ETA or on arrival Visum for Sri Lanka.

The residents of any country except for non-ETA countries might require an on-arrival or an ETA Sri Lanka or whose state requires a visa in advance to contain Sri Lanka online e Visum. Perhaps, travelers are stimulating to hold the ETA online to keep away from lengthy suspensions at the entrance ports. However, the visitors who hold an ETA visa can get an on-arrival Visa in Sri Lanka by showing the visa and passport to Sri Lankan immigration authorities. Moreover, an on-arrival visa is valid for 30 days which is extendable up to 180 days.

ETA Visum Sri Lanka

The ETA visa Sri Lanka was first introduced in 2012, to assist the Sri Lanka Visa online application for suitable nationals. The ETA visum permits eligible people to stay up to 30 days in Sri Lanka. But, the E-Visa Sri Lanka for double entry is valid for six months.

The ETA owners can visit Sri Lanka via all sorts of entrance ports by airports, seaports, or by crossing the border through the land. These travelers visiting Sri Lanka are mandatory to fill the application form which takes only a while. This visum will directly link to the applicant’s passport after its approval. The citizens of several countries like Norway, Sweden, the Netherland, Germany, or Denmark, can apply a Visa for Sri Lanka. They can apply for business, tourism, or transit purpose by consulting the Sri Lankan embassies.

 Visum For Germans Citizens

The German citizens require a Visum Sri Lanka before their departure. If you are applying for Sri Lanka online Visum, the document is available online. The whole procedure is online, and you can get your online form within 30 minutes. The E-Visum Sri Lanka for German nationals is valid up to 180 days.

For Norway Citizens

If you are applying for a visitor visa from Norway to Sri Lanka, then the Norwegian citizen can apply for a visa by consulting Sri Lankan embassies in Norway.  It will allow you to stay up to 90 days that can be extendable over 180 days. Norway handles visa applications on behalf of Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherland. You need to follow the same procedure for applying from these countries.

Sri Lanka visa for Sweden

The nationalists of Sweden who are planning to visit Sri Lanka for tourism or business purpose are not needed to consult Sri Lankan embassies. They can apply for Sri Lanka online Visum since Sweden is eligible for a visa Sri Lanka. You can get an online form within 30 minutes after applying. Swedish people can apply for Sri Lanka Visa for 75 USD for a regular procedure.

For Denmark Citizens

If you are a national of Denmark and having a plan to travel to Sri Lanka for business or tourism purposes, then you do not need a consular visa. Instead, you are suitable to apply for the ETA visa Sri Lanka, which means you can apply for Sri Lanka online Visum. You can get an online visa form within 30 minutes after applying. Also, you will get an approved Visa within 24 hours by paying 75 USD as its fee.

For Netherland Citizens

If you are from Netherland, you can also apply for Sri Lanka eVisum either for business or visiting purposes. You do not need to consult Sri Lankan embassies or to have a consular Visa. As a Netherland citizen, you can also apply for Visum Colombo. Apply online by getting the form within 24 hours after applying. You need to pay a fee of up to 75 USD and get an approved Visa within 24 hours.

So, while applying for Sri Lanka e-visa from the countries mentioned above, you need to full fill in some requirements after completing all online documentations. If you are applying for an E-Visa Sri Lanka, then the following requirements are obligatory:

  • A legal passport should be valid for up to 6 months.
  • A valid email address from which you are applying, and you should have access to this email.
  • A printed hard copy of the form which you filled online in a pdf form.
  • A Debit or Credit card.

Now, as you can see that these countries do not need much documentation for applying Visum for Sri Lanka. You can apply online as all of these countries are eligible for applying an ETA Visum Sri Lanka. Also, you can get an online form which they need to fill, pay the traveling fee and they will get a guaranteed Sri Lanka Visum within 24 hours. Besides, you will get the stay for 30 days, which is extendable up to 90 or 180 days if you are applying for business or tourism purposes

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