Sri Lanka Visa For UAE Residents.

Just like any other nation, Emirati citizens require a visa to visit Sri Lanka. However, in 2012, Sri Lanka introduced an electronic visa system for the purpose of visa processing for most countries. This visa is referred to as an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). Being an Emirati and traveling to Sri Lanka, you will require any of these two: either an ETA or a visa. A Sri Lankan visa for citizens of UAE also applies to official and diplomatic passport holders. Also, they have to follow the regular procedure required to obtain an ETA for Sri Lanka for personal visits.

Defining An ETA

Electronic Travel Authorization enables you to enter any foreign country. Moreover, the process of obtaining an ETA is easier and straightforward as compared to the process of getting a visa. You only have to fill an online application for your system or mobile device. The process to obtain an ETA for Sri Lanka saves you from standing in a queue for a long time upon your arrival. At the entry port and from making multiple visits to Sri Lankan consulate or embassy. Sri Lankan authorities require you to inform them of the purpose of your visit.

However, if you are a national of UAE, it means you have to fill out the visa application form correctly. Therefore, you will have to state the reason why you are coming to Sri Lanka. Your reasons can include one of the following:

  • Tourism purposes.
  • Business purposes.
  • Transiting through Sri Lanka.

What Are The Types of ETA For Citizens of UAE?

  • For tourism, you can obtain Tourist ETA that allows for double entry, and you can stay for up to thirty days.
  • If you are going to Sri Lanka for business purposes, you can obtain Sri Lanka Business ETA. You will get double entry with this one as well, and your stay can be of thirty days.
  • However, if you are transiting through Sri Lanka, you will have to obtain Sri Lanka Transit ETA. It allows you to make one-time entry into the country, and you are allowed to stay within the airport for two days.

When Should Citizens of UAE Apply For ETA Sri Lanka?

It is better to apply for an ETA once you have made up your mind to travel to Sri Lanka. Additionally, your ETA will be connected to your passport electronically, and it usually gets approved under twenty-four hours after you have submitted your visa application. However, it is better to apply at least one or two weeks prior to your flight in case you have to submit extra documentation.

What Documents Will UAE Nationals Require For Sri Lanka Visa?

  • A valid email address is required. As you will receive your approved ETA on the email address that you have provided, so make sure you mention an active email address.
  • You need to have a passport. In order to get a visa for Sri Lanka, the applicant must hold a passport that is valid for up to at least six months starting from the date of arrival in Sri Lanka.
  • A credit or debit card for paying the visa processing fee.

Sri Lanka visa fees start from USD 40.00 to USD 85.

Once you have all of these documents, you are all set to fill out your online visa application for Sri Lanka.

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