Indian tourists who want to travel Sri Lanka for visiting purposes need a visa to get legitimately involved in the country. Fortunately, getting a Sri Lanka visa for Indians is not that difficult as a high cause of visitors, followed by the UK, China, and Germany. Sri Lanka has also established the “Ramayana Circuit” to persuade Indian travelers to recognize numerous areas associated with the old Indian tale “Ramayana.” With such an inspiring entry of Indian visitors, the government has made the tourist visa process much easier for Indian citizens.

Since there are two kinds of Sri Lanka visa for Indian Passport holders; Electronic Travel Authorization and Visa on Arrival. All types are categorized below:

ETA Sri Lanka for Indians

The ETA visa is available for short visits only for the sake of tourism, business, or web-based visa system. To visit Sri Lanka for tourism purposes, Indian travelers can apply for ETA online at least two months before traveling. The Sri Lanka ETA for Indians can avail within 30 days at the entry port in Sri Lanka by giving their passports and duplicate of ETA endorsement letter to immigration authorities. If the visitor wishes to stay for extended days, they should apply for a visa extension, which can be extended to 90 days. Apply Online

Following is the list of papers which are needed for ETA Sri Lanka for Indian passport holders:

  • Indian Passport with at least six-month validity on the date of entry into Sri Lanka
  • A hard copy of the ETA approval
  • Confirmed Return Flight Ticket
  • Evidence of enough resources to cover your expenditures in Sri Lanka
  • Confirmed Hotel booking or proof of accommodation

Sri Lankan eVisa  for Indians

Besides ETA, Sri Lanka on arrival visa for Indians for the Tourism plan can gain the Visa on Arrival after reaching Sri Lanka. It is ideal for Indian visitors who desire to discover the country within 30 days as part of Sri Lanka citizens. Reliant upon public transportation, the procedure can take wherever between 60-90 minutes it’s better to apply online visa for Sri Lanka prior to your journey. Since getting a Sri Lanka visa for Indian passport holders is an exceptionally easy process.

Applicant must possess mentioned essential documents to apply for Sri Lanka on arrival visa for Indians:

  • Indian Passport with at least six-month validity on the date of entry into Sri Lanka
  • Confirmed Return Flight Ticket
  • Evidence of enough resources to cover your expenditures in Sri Lanka
  • Confirmed Hotel booking or accommodation

Sri Lanka Visa for Indians in prior

Sri Lanka started offering visas on arrival to more than 30 countries which includes India too. It has become part of Sri Lanka’s dynamic struggles to develop its tourism. Moreover, like many other nationalities, Indian passport holders are suitable for Sri Lanka on arrival visa; however, you need to go through the ETA process.

Indian visitors who decide to travel to Sri Lanka would have to apply for Sri Lanka ETA for Indian citizens. The Sri Lanka government announced a new ETA Visa for a short-term stay in Sri Lanka in 2012. Except for Indian, tourists from all over the world can apply for ETA visas for a short-term stay in Sri Lanka without visiting the consultant or embassy. The Sri Lanka online visa for Indians costs around USD 55 and takes probably 24 hours to complete the procedure, which allows you to dual entry visit for up to 30 days.

Sri Lanka visa for Indian Passport holders is available online, and visitors can apply online for an ETA visa. To enter Sri Lanka, the approval will be further communicated by the visa authorizations through email. Furthermore, after filling the application forms and clearing all payments, the applicant will receive their approved visa by email. This whole procedure is very quick, easy, and effortless. A standard ETA visa in Sri Lanka for Indians is issued within 3 days except that if there is any unexpected technical issue regarding your visa or document, the issuance may be delayed.

Procedures to apply for Sri Lanka visa for Indian citizens

While applying for Sri Lanka on arrival visa for Indians, you will get three options with different fees which are as follow:

Regular Visa Fees

It is the cheapest but the slowest option for on arrival visa As Sri Lanka on arrival visa fee for Indian for standard procedure costs about 55 USD, which completes the application process within 24 hours.

Besides, the Sri Lanka visa for Indian passport holders has become a super rapid procedure but to apply for any Sri Lanka visa for Indians.

Sri Lanka Business Visa for Indians

A visitor should consider an ETA or short term visa to travel Sri Lanka for transit or business purposes. Sri Lanka Business visa is applicable to Indian citizens who visit Sri Lanka for the trading purpose for a short time. This visa may be available for single or multiple trips.

ETA visa for Business purposes

The business visa Sri Lanka for Indians for ETA processing must include:

  • Involvement in business conferences and meetings
  • Short workshop events
  • Contribution in trading actions
  • Membership in seminars
  • Participation in religious occasions

If you are applying for a Sri Lanka online visa for Indians, then the documents required for a Sri Lanka visa for Indian citizens for business purposes are mentioned as follow:

  • An ETA application form.
  • Address and information about Sri Lankan company
  • Departure and return Air tickets should be there.
  • Make sure passport is valid for 6 month

The Business Visa fee is USD 75. if you are applying for a standard procedure it will take 1-3 working days. The visa is valid for multiple entries.


One of the site’s benefits is that your effort within the appliance process is as small as possible. However, you still need to provide a few things to urge the tactic to start. the situation doesn’t invite much, and thus the probabilities that you simply have already got everything you’d like are pretty high. Here is what you would like to form ready:

Valid passport – all Indian nationals must hold a legitimate passport that’s still valid for a minimum of another 6 months from the date of arrival in Sri Lanka.

Valid e-mail address – the situation will send you the ETA via e-mail in PDF format, which is why you would like to supply an e-mail address to which you’ve access. do not forget to print out a physical copy before you permit.

Means of payment – The site accepts credit or debit cards, but you’ll use a PayPal account also.


The application process to apply for a Sri Lanka ETA visa is simple as it takes 10 minutes and the process is completely online.


The application you’d wish to finish has three simple steps:

The first one would require you to provide your basic information also as some details about your trip. 

The second step is to make payment and revises the previous step. you cannot make any corrections once your application reaches processing, so we recommend that you simply check your application for typos or the opposite mistakes which can invalidate your Sri Lanka ETA.

The third step requires you to upload the document site to ask of you. It shouldn’t take long, and if additional documents are necessary, the situation will allow you to understand. Click on the submit button.


Once you submit your application, you simply need to await your visa to arrive by email within the timeframe you chose No need to affect the embassy. We appear the hay for you so you are doing not lose valuable time.


No. you’re exempt from the Visa to Sri Lanka ETA within the subsequent cases:

Crew members of flight/ship.

The only exemption from the visa Processing Fee:

Children under 12 years aged.

Transit permitted only for 48 hours.


Children below 12 years of age do not require Sri Lanka visa.


No, we cannot change or modify any details on the e-Visa once it’s issued. If you made mistake will filling visa application, then please contact us ASAP via online chat or by sending an email to

Sri Lanka transit visa for Indians.

The validity of the transit visa is only 48 hours after arrival, which costs USD 40.


  1. What is an ETA visa?

The Sri Lanka ETA visa is an “Electronic Travel Authorization,” which can be done on an online networking visa system. An ETA is considered only for short term tours to Sri Lanka for transit, business, or tourism purposes.

  1. What are the maximum days for Sri Lanka visa for Indian citizen?

The maximum days for visa Sri Lanka for Indians are 30 days for business or visit purpose. The ETA visa is valid for up to 180 days and allows you to double entry into the country.

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