Sri Lanka Visa Fees – Eta Cost

If you have made up your mind about traveling to Sri Lanka, you must be wondering what do you need to know about Sri Lanka Visa Fees. In this article, we have discussed just the right amount of information to address all your questions and concerns.

Obtaining a visa is the first and foremost thing to do. When it comes to applying for a Sri Lanka visa, you must know that there are three types of visas for Sri Lanka: business visa, tourist visa, and transit visa. However, each of them is for a different purpose.

The visa application process is simple and straightforward. You only have to fill in the required information and go with the flow of instructions. Obtaining a visa is possible through a local Sri Lanka Embassy or Consulate, or you can fill out a Sri Lanka visa application form online to get your Sri Lanka visa ETA. However, both the processes require your information, necessary documents, and of course, visa processing fee. Moreover, if you need a visa urgently, you can fill out an urgent visa application and receive your approved visa in a short time via email.

Sri Lanka Visa Cost/ fees

Usually, most visitors do not extend their stay in Sri Lanka for more than thirty days. Hence, they have a chance to apply for a digital form of visa that is also known as ETA (electronic travel authorization) or an e-visa. One major benefit of applying for Sri Lanka e-visa is that applicants can fill out an online form anytime and anywhere without having to visit the local consulate or embassy.


Visit Visa for Sri Lanka – The application processing fee for this visa is $59 for member countries of SAARC and $75 for non-members.

Business Visa fee

The cost of a business visa for Sri Lanka is about $75 for SAARC countries and $85 for other countries.

Transit Visa fees

The Cost of a Sri Lanka transit visa is $40 for all countries.

Sri Lanka Visa Requirements And Validity

Traveling to Sri Lanka requires you to have a visa that is valid for at least six months or more, i.e., longer than your stay in the country. However, you do have to book your flight tickets prior to the visa application process. You can do it after you get approval. But keep in mind that you must have a return ticket with you when you arrive at Sri Lankan airport. Apart from these, the authorities want to know about your financial condition, and whether you can cover up your expenses during your trip, so you need to carry a copy of your bank statement as proof.

Urgent Visa

Applying for a Sri Lanka visa is possible if you just fill out an application form online however, you can only do it if you are somewhere outside Sri Lanka. We suggest you submit your visa application some days before your travel. But if you need Sri Lanka visa urgently, You can opt for the urgent application processing, and you will receive your visa via email within 72 hours. There is no rocket science in it; you will have to fill the regular online visa application and check the box that says ‘ urgent.’

After you receive your visa confirmation email, you can get ready for your trip. While on the plane, you will be given a Disembarkation Card. You will have to fill in some general details such as details of your travel and the purpose of your trip. Once you arrive at the airport in Sri Lanka, you will show your passport along with that card. Keep in mind to print out your ETA in case you have to show it to the immigration authorities.

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