Sri Lanka visa for Australian citizens- Apply

Travel permits or visas are an essential document any traveler would need. The concept of Visa has made traveling even easier, and now, within a few days, one can travel from one state to another. Getting a Sri Lanka Visa for Australian is now as simple as buying a ticket for a nearby town. That is how, our world has turned into a global village.Even though Visa is now a common travel permit, but still a lot of countries are far ahead than others regarding tourism and travel. The Sri Lankan ETA for Australia has paved the path for a smooth and fast travel, here in this article you will learn a bit more about the legal and authorized way to travel from Australia to Sri Lanka.

Visa to Sri Lanka for Australian nationals

If you are an Australian national, then visiting Sri Lanka is not an issue.  You only need a few credentials and $75 in your pocket. Yeah, this is the minimum cost of Sri Lanka visa for Australian citizens.

However, few constraints need to be acknowledged for traveling safely to Sri Lanka from Australia. The type of Visa you choose will decide the process timings to get a visa to Sri Lanka.

Types of Visas available for Australian citizens

According to travel research, Australia earns almost 57.3 billion dollars annually through tourism, making up to 3% of the country’s annual GDP.

Now, do you think for such a massive contribution the Australian government has not done anything robust? Of course not. Australian people can avail of several sorts of Visa for traveling. Both the Sri Lankan and Australian states have carved out the most advanced type of Visas for their citizens, to ensure smooth and safe traveling.

Here is a list of Visas available for Australian nationals.

  • E- Visa
  • ETA
  • Transit visa
  • Business visa
  • Student visa
  • Holiday visa
  • Transit visa

Requirements for a Visa to Sri Lanka

So, here we will only consider the ETA visa to Sri Lanka. Only those Australian citizens will get a Visa to Sri Lanka, who qualify the ETA Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan government has designed a very travel-friendly and simple policy for availing ETA. Thus, the only thing to do is gather enough information regarding filing a request for Sri Lanka ETA. Here is what you need

Get a passport

If you are new to traveling, let me first clarify the importance of a passport. A passport is a permit by your state; it is as essential as the Visa.

Being an Australian citizen, you will have to contact the passport office for issuing a passport. Within not more than three weeks, you will get your passport, but if in case you are in a rush, then you may need to pay a bit more. For the Sri Lanka Business visa, Your passport should be valid for the next six months.

For further information about applying for an Australian passport visit here.

The sole purpose of such restriction by the Sri Lankan government is the convenience of the visitors. You never know how much cost an expired passport can cause if you are not in your native state.

The general information

Once your passport is ready, you should log on to the Sri Lankan I-visa site and fill-up the form. There they will ask you a few simple questions. It will hardly take more than five minutes; however, a slightly misleading data can lead to severe complications.

 A genuine and active email

Make sure that the email you have mentioned in the form is active and in-use. In case you have forgotten the password, then immediately contact the authorities to allow you to update the email address.

Contrary to it, if you have applied for a regular visa, you do not need to mention an active email, as you will receive your Visa through the parcel.

Online payment

The last step is to pay the Sri Lankan authorities. Of course, it would not be like the 1990s; you can pay online. While applying, you must have an online payment option. Online payment will only take a few minutes, and you are done.

How much time will it take?

After you have applied for the Sri Lankan ETA, you will receive the permit through mail within 19 days. If somebody is in a hurry, it can be squeezed down to a week, but you will have to pay more.

The last word

Applying for the ETA is not a hard nut to crack, and its online system is the simplest way to get a travel permit. However, following the right pattern is crucial. Otherwise, your Visa application will be rejected.

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