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Transiting Sri Lanka requires you to hold a transit visa unless you are from one of the visa-exempt countries. However, it is not necessary to obtain a visa if you are not planning to leave the transit area. But in case you want entry in the country, you will be needing Sri Lanka Transit Visa.

Do You Need A Transit Visa For Sri Lanka?

If you do not wish to exit the airport’s transit area, you do not need to obtain a transit visa. A transit visa works as a permit of entry for a foreign national into the country for a short time, i.e., during the time between his arrival and departure to reach his destination country. Moreover, passengers who plan to transit through Sri Lanka must obtain an ETA transit visa Sri Lanka. But if the transit period is not more than forty-eight hours, there is no need to pay the ETA processing fee. You or a third party on your behalf can submit your Sri Lanka Transit Visa Application online via the official website.

What Are The Transit Eta Sri Lanka Requirements?

To obtain an ETA transit visa in Sri Lanka, you need to visit the official website. You need to input all information and passport details correctly. Make sure that you avoid any sorts of errors so as to eliminate the chances of potential risks during your trip. Moreover, the passport you are using to apply for Sri Lanka transit visa must have a validity period for up to six months or more (starting from your arrival into the country). Apart from these, you need a return ticket or a transit flight ticket along with two standard photo format photographs. If the transit time goes beyond 48 hours, you will have to pay $35.00 as a processing fee for tourist visa ETA.

Difference Between Transit Visa and Tourist Visa

Some people often get confused about the difference between Sri Lanka Transit Visa and Tourist Visa. So it is better to clearly understand what these two are and how they are different from one another. The validity period of a transit visa is only up to two days whereas a  tourist visa I valid for up to thirty days. A Transit visa allows you to make only a single entry in contrast to a tourist visa that offers both single and dual entries.

Here is Sri Lanka Visa cost & Requirements For obtaining a tourist visa, you have to pay a visa processing fee of $59 (SAARC countries) and $75 (non-members of SAARC). On the other hand, you can obtain a transit visa fee of cost. However, for both transit and tourist visas, you must have an ETA. At your arrival in the country, you will need to show your passport with flight tickets, accommodation details, and of course, your bank balance.

Sri Lanka Transit Visa ETA Highlights

ETA enables foreign nationals to extend their stay for up to thirty days. ETA Sri Lanka is a travel authorization that provides dual entry into the country and is valid for up to six months starting from the issuance date.

Passengers carrying an ETA Sri Lanka have to submit an online application no matter which entry port they are using to enter the country. They can arrive by air, cruise ship, or by a land border. So if you have been wondering whether you will need a separate Sri Lanka transit visa for a cruise ship, you have your answer!

Once you have obtained your ETA. You do not need to print it out as it is linked to your passport electronically. Passengers can use Sri Lanka Transit Visa ETA for business, tourism, or transit purposes. However, if you have a different purpose, you are required to contact the Sri Lankan Embassy or Consulate.

Sri Lanka Transit Visa On Arrival – Transit Visa Colombo

You do not have to worry about making last-minute travel plan changes when taking a flight that is connected to Sri Lanka. You have the option to obtain a Sri Lanka transit visa on arrival. However, it is only possible if you at landing at Bandaranaike Airport in Colombo. You cannot have this facility at any other airport. Bear in mind that if you are not planning to leave the airport transit areas, you do not require an ETA transit visa.

Sri Lanka Visa-Exempt Countries And Categories

  • The Republic of Singapore
  • The Republic of Maldives
  • Members of the crew of ships and flights
  • The Republic of Seychelles

How To Apply For A Transit ETA?

The process contains easy steps. You will only need a few minutes to complete and submit the transit visa application:

First, you have to fill in important information about you, such as your name, contact, email, address, etc. Also, you will choose a processing time for your application. Then you will have to review the information and check for any errors in spellings and numbers. Once you are done, you will choose one from a debit/credit card or PayPal account for making the payment. Lastly, you will have to attach the required documents and click submit.

Applying For A Sri Lanka Visa Online (Electronic Travel Authorization – ETA)

Apply for your Sri Lanka ETA online. You just need to fill an application, pay the fees, and submit the required documents. You will receive the response via email shortly. Keep in mind that you can only pay through Visa or Master card, or through a Paypal account. A Transit ETA visa on arrival is another option for you. When you arrive at the Colombo airport. You will have to show up at the ETA issuing counter at the port of entry.

You can also obtain your ETA Srilanka from your local Sri Lankan Consulate or Embassy. The application process is similar to that of a regular embassy visa.

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