Sri lanka On Arrival Visa Fee For Indian

Sri Lanka on arrival visa for Indian makes things extremely convenient for the traveler. However, it is an undeniable fact that some tasks are to apply for Sri Lanka visa for Indian citizens. The primary step required to start this process is to apply for the ETA. Tourist can avail this service prior to leaving for Sri Lanka

What makes the whole process of getting the visa on arrival for Indian citizens in Sri Lanka easier is the availability of online electronic travel authorization. That’s way, travelers do not need to wait for more. At the time duration of thirty minutes, the traveler would get the visa immediately.

Get to know about Fee and requirements for Indians:

The Srilankan visa for Indian passport is a fast process. This is a web-based system of visa generation. Sri Lanka visa fees for Indian passport holders is very minimal and doesn’t break the bank at all.

On Arrival Visa Fee for Indian Passport Holders.

There are three types of Visas for Sri Lanka and their Cost.

  1. The Transit Visa fee is USD40.00
  2.  Visit Visa Fee is USD 59.00
  3.  Business Visa Fee is USD 75.00

How long can an Indian stay on this visa?

Tourist can extend stay, it may not be possible through the Sri Lanka visa on arrival for Indian. This visit can be up to thirty days only. This Is for the business or tourism purpose visits. Regulation is the same as the Indian e visa for Sri Lankan citizens. At the same time, the SriLanka visa fees for Indian passport holders are also quite low.

Visitors can avail of two entries on the Electronic Travel Authorization. It also remains valid for around 180 days from the date of issuance. A visitor can maximum stay 30 days on it.

Requirements of on arrival visa fee for Indian passport holders:

Even though the e-visa system has made everything extremely convenient and easy to get Sri Lanka on arrival visa-free for Indians. However, there are still certain requirements that the traveler needs to be aware of before applying for the process. These requirements include:

Having a legal passport:

Now, this is an undeniable fact. The first requirement for receiving the visa on arrival for Indian citizens in Sri Lanka is to be an owner of a legal passport. Alongside this, it is also necessary to have this passport valid for six months next to the date when you apply for the Online Sri Lanka visa for Indian citizens.

Mode of payment & on arrival visa fee :

To get the Sri Lankan visa for an Indian passport, you need to pay Sri Lanka on arrival visa fee for Indian when the process starts. The mode of payment comes in several variations. You can either choose debit or credit card, make a cash payment, or take help from your PayPal account as well. Once Sri Lanka on arrival visa fee for Indian is paid, the next process will start.

Mention your working e-mail:

Another of the visa requirements for Indian citizens to Sri Lanka includes providing the correct e-mail address for ETA. The organization sends the e-mail to the travelers, offering them all the required information. This also provides users with all the information related to the next steps. All this comes after you have paid the Sri Lanka visa fees for Indian passport holders.

Is there any other requirement of Sri Lanka on arrival visa for Indian?

Sri Lanka on arrival visa for Indians procedure is not as tough as a lot of people actually consider it to be. Visa requirements for Indian citizens to Sri Lanka that are:

The first step to being eligible for the Indian passport to Srilanka includes offering all the mandatory information to the organization. All the details needed should be authentic and have all the required information. Alongside, the elaborated information related to the trip is also explained for the issuance of a visa. This will remove all kinds of discrepancies, which may lead to the rejection of the Indian passport to Srilanka.

After giving away all the required information, the next step involves paying for the visa.  The Sri Lanka visa for Indians can be paid once all the applications are written well. It is necessary to ensure that all the information is correct so that the payment doesn’t go wasted. Once the fee is paid, the travelers need to upload the relevant documents. Within a few minutes, the records for Indian citizen Sri Lankan visa get uploaded. The submission of the application comes at the next step.

After you submit the application for your Indian passport to Sri Lanka, all you need to do is to wait until the visa arrives. It will reach you at the e-mail address that you have provided. However, for the Visa requirements for Indian citizens to Sri Lanka you do not need to deal with the embassy anymore. This will save you a lot of time. The entire process of getting the Indian citizen Sri Lankan visa is straightforward. However, if there is any confusion, the user can always get assistance from the online consultants.

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