Sri Lanka Business Visa – Apply Online ( ETA )

Individuals traveling to Sri Lanka to engage in the below-mentioned activities must obtain Sri Lanka Business Visa.

  • Symposiums
  • Religious Events
  • Music, dance, and art events.
  • Short-term training programs
  • Seminars, workshops, and conferences.
  • Business negotiations and meetings.

Are you getting ready to travel to Sri Lanka? Here is a quick guide on Sri Lanka Business Visa fee and requirements

You can obtain a business visa from Sri Lanka Diplomatic Missions overseas. It comes with a validity period of up to three months, and it will be endorsed on your passport. Moreover, if you wish to extend your stay beyond its validity after you arrive in Sri Lanka, you have the option to apply for a visa extension for up to one year.

However, to promote business and investment and to make this process easier for such visitors to Sri Lanka, the Immigration and Emigration Department had launched an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) program. An ETA enables business travelers to obtain online authorization for traveling and staying in Sri Lanka for up to one month.

However, you do not need documents, passport copies, or photographs. Also, there is no such requirement of endorsing the ETA on your passport. Moreover, after you arrive in Sri Lanka, you can apply for a one-year extension if you want to stay longer.


Sri Lanka Business Visa Application Process

People traveling for business purposes can use one of the below-mentioned methods:

  • Apply for a business ETA via online application.
  • Apply at the Immigration and Emigration Department in Colombo.
  • Obtain business ETA upon arrival in Colombo.
  • Apply for a tourist visa at Consulates and Diplomatic Missions of Sri Lanka in your country.


Business Visa Requirements

Valid Passport – your passport must have validity up to six months starting from the arrival date in Sri Lanka. This condition is applicable for all types of visas, including Sri Lanka business visas. Also, your passport must contain one unused page.

Application Form – You must fill out an application form with all your valid details. Also, you will get a separate business visa application form to provide specific details about the motive of your business.

Photographs – Applicants must also submit two photographs (passport size). Make sure these pictures are recent, black and white, or colored, and must be clear.

Invitation Letter – The company you are going to work with must issue you an invitation letter. It is needed for recommending Sri Lanka business visa issuance to the applicant.

Request letter – Applicant’s company is his residing country will issue this letter. It will contain details such as the applicant’s position, type of business, financial business, information of accommodation, trip’s itinerary, and his duration of stay, etc.

Visa Fee – Business visa application, along with documents, also requires a fee, and it varies depending on the types of visas and duration of the trip. The main two types of business visas are single entry and multiple entries.

However, if you want to obtain a resident visa or work permit, your host company in Sri Lanka will have to submit an application stating the requirement. If you are traveling to Sri Lanka on any visa, other than a business visa, you cannot perform any business-related activities during your trip.

The application processing time of Sri Lanka Business Visa is about ten business days. We suggest you apply for your visa several days before your trip.


Sri Lanka Business Visa Application Process and Fees

Fees defined for the ETA (electronic travel authorization) are $75 for the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries, whereas, for non-members of SAARC, the fee is $85. However, if you are choosing a third party for applying ETA on your behalf, the fee will depend on how many additional services you take from them.


Effect Of COVID-19 Pandemic On Sri Lanka Visa Issuance

Visas of all types from Entry Visas, Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), Landing Endorsements, Residence Visa to Multiple Entry Visas that are already issued to nationalities/countries are suspended temporarily from March 23, 2020, until further notice.

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