E Visa Sri Lanka (Electronic Travel Authorization Sri Lanka)

E visa to Sri Lanka or an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA Sri Lanka) is a recently introduced system by Sri Lankan Government in 2011. All the visitors, Tourists, businessmen from all over the world can apply for Sri Lanka visa online without paying any physical visit to the embassy and consulate. They need to apply online for an official authorization on Sri Lanka Online Visa application and will get it electronically. Tourists will receive their ETA through an email after completing application form with necessary information. This is an easy procedure which avoids unnecessary delays to apply for Sri Lanka travel visa. However, Tourist Visa for Sri Lanka may take 48 hours to get issued. Online Visa for Sri Lanka is initially for thirty days valid from the date of arrival to Sri Lanka. The system includes three simple steps to acquire Sri Lanka visa online. First step is to fill in the application by the tourist. Second step is for payment. Last step will be getting the application online. There are three different types of Sri Lanka Visa: Tourist ETA for Sri Lanka, (double entries stay for 30 days) Business ETA for Sri Lanka, (multiple entries stay for 30 days) Transit ETA for Sri Lanka (single entry stay for 2 days). Moreover, it is important to note that ETA Sri Lanka is valid for 30 days with two entries; the departure date must be included in these 30 days of the first arrival date. All the information entered on Sri Lanka online Visa application will be sent to DI & E and Sri Lanka ETA online via email. It is suggested for passengers to get the information verified and bring a hard copy on their trip. The staff at the airport can verify the information on their system. Moreover, it is suggested to the clients to keep a personal electronic copy in their device along with the printed copy.

ETA sri lanka has high 98% of approval rate overall. If tourist already availed an e visa for sri lanka and that visa to visit sri lanka is not expired then his/her online sri lanka visa application will be rejected.

Online visa/ ETA sri lanka for Sri Lanka is of three types:

1) Tourist ETA for Sri Lanka

2) Business ETA for Sri Lanka

3)Transit ETA for Sri Lanka

Further classification for sri lanka visa/ ETA sri lanka is mentioned:

Sri lanka Travel visa/ ETA sri lanka type Duration and entries
A Tourist Visa for Sri Lanka Double entries. /Stay 30 Days
Business Visa for Sri Lanka. Multiple Entries. /Stay 30 Days
Transit Visa for Sri Lanka. Single Entry. /Stay 02 Days

ETA sri lanka allows a tourist to stay in sri lanka for total of 30 days from the date of arrival in sri lanka and it as 2 multiple entries. Important thing to keep in mind tourist availing e visa sri lanka is the date both exits should be between 30 days of 1st entry in sri lanka.